Increase CROP



Optimize CROP


The TGH2o's T6 Optimizer is effective in treating a wide range of irrigation waters including otherwise unusable low saline to brackish groundwaters, as well as treating municipal wastewater for irrigation yielding increased plant growth, density, and total crop production ranging from 14.5 % to 70% or more in highly saline soils.

Today more than ever we need to be able to produce crops with higher crop production yields in spite of challenges from poor or saline soils, poor quality irrigation water and/or low saline groundwater, both of which can be easily overcome by using TGH2o technologies.

Untreated saline groundwater increases plant osmotic stress, which reduces freshwater and nutrient uptake inhibiting plant growth and crop production.  This stress can be lethal to plants, especially in hot weather. Saline water treated with our TGH2o's T6 Optimizer is more available to plants when used in irrigation therefore increasing plant growth and development.


  • Improve percentage of seeds germinated
  • Increase speed of seed germination
  • Increase seed development in pods
  • Produce more seeds per pod
  • Improve plant growth and leafing out​
  • Produce taller plants, bigger leaves, healthier and greener plants​
  • Reduce plant death from osmotic stress​
  • Reduce plant death in high temperatures and drought conditions​
  • Increase development of soil nitrogen fixing bacteria