• Faster seed germination ~ 5-7 days with treated water
  • Faster development of root hairs  ~ 5-7 days with treated water
  • More seeds germinated ~ 5 times per unit area with treated water
  • Faster root growth ~ 5-7 days with treated water
  • Taller (2X), bigger leaves, healthier and greener plants with treated water
  • Faster seed pods germination and seed development in seedpods ~ 10 days
  • More (1.5X) seeds produced per seed pod
  • Significantly reduced plant death (from osmotic stress) for plants irrigated with treated water than those irrigated with untreated water (controls)
  • Significantly reduced plant death (desiccation) due to exposure to heat from high air temperatures (112°-118°F) and in periods of high and dry        winds in test sites with treated water
  • Increased levels of nitrogen in soils from nitrogen fixing bacteria in soils irrigated with treated water

summary of Specific crop benefits from paired field studies conducted in 2012

Transglobal H2o Field Trials

A series of field trial studies were designed to determine seed germination rates/times, plant 
growth rates and crop production per acre when irrigated with local saline groundwater.

The following data was collected weekly to determine germination and growth rates: plant roots, tissues and seeds were recovered from treated and untreated rows washed, inspected and photographed weekly to determine production and maturation rates.

These field trials consisted of paired test sites in which one group of plants was irrigated with TGH2o’s patented system's treated water and the other test site with untreated irrigation water (controls) with key parameters studied over time related to plant development, growth and seed production.​