TransGlobal H2o, LLC (TGH2o) is a Houston based company with several US regional offices. It is in the business of manufacturing, distributing and installing a proprietary (patent pending) low energy cost irrigation water treatment technology.  The technology is the TGH2o's T6 Optimizer and is used in the reclamation of a wide range of saline waters and soils, with units in operation today in the southwestern United States.  TGH2o is concentrating on the agricultural irrigation market due to the extremely high usage of freshwater in that market compared to overall US freshwater usage. 

The TGH2o T6 Optimizer works by introducing pulsating electrical charges with selected electrical frequencies into irrigation water to dissociate salts from water molecules in the same manner that lightening does when it creates pure rainwater.  These effects increase the plants ability to absorb water and nutrients to produce a higher yield.